Sparky, what is an MRE?

Meal ready to eat (MRE) is a light weight package used as military ration by the armies of many countries. The meal is used in combat zones or other situations where field kitchens or other preparation facilities are not available. The nutritional value is suitable for a combat environment where the soldiers burn athletic levels of calories! The bagged menu items are also used in similar civilian situations like camping, fishing, hunting, white-water rafting, mountain climbing, etc. It has been also provided as emergency food or even as a standard meal during times of the day when facilities are not open.


The main purpose of the military ration is provision for soldiers’ extreme caloric needs while in a continuous moving environment; useful when stopping for prolonged periods of time can be hazardous. Each meal contains different nutritionally balanced ingredients for a variety of flavors required to prevent morale issues caused by bland food. Each package provides you about 1200 calories and is intended to be eaten for a maximum of 21 days. Fresh food must be used after 21 days. The packages maintain nutritional value with a minimum shelf life of three and a half years at 27° C! Best storage at 10° C which bears 5 year shelf life.

Stories abound warning how bad these things taste. It’s really not true. For example: peaches in a package are squishy and not dehydrated; the flavor is still in the package though it might appear unappetizing. Suggested combinations are eating crackers with peanut butter, mixing the chocolate with the coffee, and carry small bottles of hot sauce as a traveling spice cabinet. There is a whole range of different menus available to avoid boredom. Choose your MRE according to your choice and situation… or trade with your buddy!

General contents include:

  • Main courses include many options like chili with beans, Beef Stew, Chicken w/Egg Noodles & Vegetables, Beef Taco, Chili and Macaroni, Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, beanies and weenies and a lot more. Members can choose from up to 24 entrées. Ham and potato in a creamy sauce is a famous dish. The ham used in it is lean, not chewy and with a ham texture. Ham in the form of a solid block also used in another menu with water juice and smoky flavor. Tuna with noodles are the main constituents of another meal with small amounts of mushroom, celery and green peas just add a little flavor.
  • A  side dish may include fruit or a dessert, applesauce or mashed potatoes
  • 2 Crackers also known as biscuits are included in the ration pack in the form of 4” square and with a grain or wheat taste. They are stiff and crispy. They have the combination with the peanut butter. Or a wheat bread with some sort of fruit preserve.
  • Cheese spread, jelly or, peanut butter.
  • Powdered beverage mix: fruit flavored drink, cocoa, instant coffee or tea, sport drink.
  • A plastic spoon is the only utensil included
  • Beverage mixing bag
  • There are many accessories in the package like chewing gum, water-resistant matches, toilet paper or napkin, Seasonings, including salt, pepper, and sugar, creamer, and/or Tabasco sauce.

You don’t need to cook or heat these things up, you can eat them right out of the package but the People who love to have their stuff heated up, there is flameless heater in the package too. Just fill the heater bag with a little bit of water until it goes to the fill line. Wait for a minute to heat it up and insert your main course into the heater and prop it on a rock or other convenient non-flammable item and after roughly ten minutes, the meal will be steaming hot, and ready to eat or burn your fingers. Careful!

The package is plastic reinforced foil and vacuum packed.  It comes with indentations, and is like uncontrolled opening of a bag of potato chips if you are not careful. Use a knife on it. The spoon isn’t quite that long, and it is best to open the package horizontally for much cleaner eating. Always keep the outer wrapping in order to dispose the waste or keep for preserving articles of interest.

MREs are a good food alternative in emergency situations. In each military ration pack is enough food to get you through the day if your survival depended on it. Be sure to consume only small portions if this is your situation.

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Sparky on a shopping spree at

Sparky on a shopping spree at

Sparkys Rations Grand Opening!

Welcome to the launch of Sparky’s Rations website.

The place for your long term food storage and emergency food essentials. We found most of our products already being sold on Amazon and our competitors are fierce! As you might guess, we are Amazon associates. As things change, new discoveries are found, and reader feedback leads us to new and tasty products, more products and associations will be added. This blog section is designed to be a resource for everyone to learn about camping without a stove, how the military feeds our troops and certain associated techniques for staying alive in the wilderness when cutoff from civilization. Some movies can be suggested to curl your hair such as The Grey and The Road. Both of which creep up your spine in a not-so-fun but tingly way. As we finish this launch here on March 1st, 2016 we look forward to a one-stop location to find everything MRE, dried, freee-dried, cured, hermetically sealed, dehydrated and smoked. Great supplies for camping, hiking, extreme sports, hunting, backwoods fishing, boy scouts trips, girl scouts trips and survival training!

Governments around the world came up with rations that store for years! Our job is make sure these long-shelf-life products are available in one place. We also note some issues with the rations and will make alternatives available to stretch the life of these high carbohydrate, high calorie meals.  Warnings on the packages state that continued use for longer than 3 weeks is not recommended. So if you ate nothing but MREs for three weeks, it’s safe to say that your body would be kind of a mess. The military specs call for the meals to provide a large amount of energy in a compact tight little package. These make great weekender supplies but not to be consumed indefinitely. Some veterans including the author have reported severe constipation for the first few days, sometimes followed by the exact opposite for another few days. So, we see why the warning label. Our alternatives are here to alleviate most, if not all of the mentioned issues.

Enter our shop, post a comment or two, share a story, share someone else’s story (with permission) and lets get prepared for disaster!  

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Sparky Recommended Supplieer

Emergency Survival Food from the Carolinas!

How to prepare MRE and one commentator’s story

Believe me when we say the best way to eat a Meal-Ready-To-Eat is cold. Yes, room temperature. The heaters were not available in the 90’s when I originally was required to eat these things. The best ones back then were BBQ Ham steak, Spaghetti and rock balls, and Chicken Ala-King that pretty much looked like clam chowder with extra cubes of stuff. The other menus were just traded for these 3 as the others forced a gag reflex. All in all, it was only marginally worse than chow on a Navy tin-can, we mean Fast Frigate.

Please do not take more than humor from my description as these meals are made much better than the past with flavor as a major factor. The shelf life is shortened to 5 years to make them more palatable. The meals recommended here have optional heaters to allow a hot meal and the entrees are larger than in my day.

Feel free to follow any of the links herein and if you do order the SoPakCo MRE, you would be my hero to write up a comment alongside this post. Maybe shoot a video about your preparation methods.

Trying to find disaster relief and emergency relief rations for long term storage is tough. I managed to find a supplier CONUS that will ship to your door at a reasonable price. The company must have a huge back log of orders as their only method for taking orders is by telephone. Sparky’s Rations is proud to present SoPakCo for your consideration and family survival. Amazon actually has this civilian version available here:

9217 SurePak 12 MRE’s- Meals ready to eat.

12 Full Meals (MRE's)
900 - 1000 Calories per meal. No cooking required. Eat hot or cold
5 Year Shelf Life (Depending on storage temperature)

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MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Genuine U.S. Military Surplus (1 Pack) Assorted Flavor

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Alternatively, should the listings above not fit the bill; head over to SoPakCo for the originators of the Sure-Pak Meals. Keep in mind that Sparkys receives no compensation for the the link below. We just could not hold out such a great supplier! By the pallet below or by the case and individual above!

Emergency Survival Food from the Carolinas!

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