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We now have Beef Jerky!!!! Check it! 

Looking for Ready to Eat pre-packaged food? How about Military style MREs? Perhaps beef jerky? We consolidated several innovators of dehydrated fruit, smoked meats and other long shelf-life dry food into one location. This makes it easy for our audience to find their choice need for emergency food! Now is the best time to build your emergency essentials checklist! When an emergency hits, the best currency is food and water. Experts generally repeat the mantra that 3 days is the amount of supplies we must all keep on-hand for emergencies. Food, cooking methods and tools for effective comfort change when the power is out! Sparky says its better to be ready for 10 days or longer. Our inventory list includes commercially available prepackaged meals, packaged water, filters, tools and specialty gadgets for trapped victims. There are times like earthquakes when one must dig their way out before worrying about tomorrow! Browse our items, find your most needed emergency supplies today! See Sparky’s blog at the Pig-Loo for tips, instructions and suggestions. 

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